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It's time to rethink on Content Creations for Digital Platforms

Content Focus makes it Simple in two Steps making unique content for every partner

Unique Reporter Base

With Unique base of more than 1200 reporters across Telugu states, We try to gather News on as fast as possible

Field to Production

Using Modern agile methods in Media we make it fast from reporting to Production as fast as possible

Custom content for every partner

We are not a News Agency who provides Same Content for all its Subscribers. We are news production house who produce unique content for every partner as per requirement.

Content with all possible combinations

An intelligently designed content creation pattern and content management system will helps to create in all possible ways making your audience to get more engaged.


Features of our Unique Echo System

Built with education agencies in mind, Kergan is packed with features that you will actually use in your day-to-day business operations

Hyper Local Content

Get an instant snapshot of the stages your applications are at. Don’t waste your time on trying to keep up and updating them.

Content analysis

Spend your time building relationships with your students and give them good reasons to choose your agency and loose the competition.

Monetization of Content

Put the focus on the student. With intelligent, your education counsellors will be in sync to focus their time on increasing revenue.

Unique Production

Submitting an application to study, on behalf of a student, is never a short process. Give yourself a break! Keep track of vital information such as task creation/completion date & time.

Higher Reporter Base

It’s easy to remember your invoice due date when you have only 5 or 10 applications, but what happens when you manage 50 or 100 students?

Choose Your Own Foramt

There are many reports out there, that only satisfy your curiosity. Not so with inteleagent. Access reports that you will actualy use in the decision making process.

Performance Management Employees love

Build a flexible culture with Kergan’s first-of-its-kind people analytics platform.

What is flexibility, anyway?

We erased the confusing terms of the past and created six distinct flex types that address time and location-based needs, allowing companies and employees to speak the same language.

Top companies are using Kergan

Our customers are committed to succeeding in a flexible future. Here’s how one company used Werk to customize their employee experience and increase their eNPS by 38 points.

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